Roots Gymnastics Class Registration

Roots Gymnastics Class Registration

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While Roots has always prided itself on being the cleanest gymnastics facility, we have also taken a number of additional steps to reorganize both our classes and the facility to help promote physical and social distancing for students and parents alike. These steps include:

  • reorganized activity areas to create additional space between classes
  • reduced class sizes 
  • staggered class schedule to allow for less people in the gym and common areas

In addition, Roots has implemented a number of protocols that students and families alike should plan to follow while attending or observing classes. These are outlined on the attached document and on our website. 
Please note that both the COVID policies and our class schedule are subject to change based on the variety of factors affecting the health of our community and the economy. 

Roots Gymnastics Recreational Class COVID Policies
Please view our "Welcome Back" video HERE and see what to expect on your next visit!

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