About Roots Gymnastics

Roots Gymnastics Center is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy learning environment that inspires children physically, socially and emotionally through the sport of gymnastics. Our goal is to help each child discover the joy of physical fitness in order to establish the roots of healthy living.

Goals & Vision

Roots Gymnastics is family owned and operated by Pam and Steve Pryor who share a consistent vision about the business. “We believe gymnastics programming offers the baseline for development in all sports by teaching participants the foundations of coordination, strength, agility, flexibility, balance and general fitness. The best part is that it is all accomplished in a safe and fun environment that follows a professional curriculum specifically adapted to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere of learning and development to help plant the seeds for healthy bodies and minds."

What Makes Us Unique?

Roots Gymnastics is the only facility in Western Massachusetts dedicated to gymnastics instruction with the convenience of All Stars Dance Center and Thom Westfield Infant & Toddler all in one building. The adjacent building on the Roots Youth Complex houses the Roots Learning Center and the brand new Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center AND Roots Athletics Center. This creates and integrative arena for children to grow and develop in activities that build confidence and positive behavior. The Roots brand continues to grow right up the road with the future home of the Roots Athletic Center for turf sports.

About the Owners

Pam and Steve planted their roots at the gymnastics center in 2009 as part-time coaches. Before long they transitioned to full time employment and first became partial owners in 2010. They purchased the gymnastics business outright in 2014 and are pleased to carry on the tradition of Roots programming while setting new goals for the future. Pam brings a wealth of resources to the business, having been an instructor and program director in the sport for more than two decades. Steve, a four-year varsity letter winner at UMass and former assistant coach at the school has been coaching professionally in Massachusetts since 1998. Outside of the teaching and instruction of hundreds of children who attend Roots Gymnastics each week, Pam and Steve also have five children of their own. All are currently involved in the business either through employment or active participation in a gymnastics program. This unique perspective keeps Roots Gymnastics Center as a truly family business and helps the owners stay committed to the healthy physical, emotional and social development of all he children that pass through their doors.

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Roots Aquatics & Fitness Center: 413-568-2782
Roots Athletic Center: 413-562-7221
Roots Learning Center: 413-562-1767
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