Little Sprouts (ages 1-7)

These programs are designed for children beginning at 12 months through 6 years old. Classes are 45 or 50 minutes, once per week and are designed to teach coordination, balance, agility, positive self-esteem, body awareness and confidence. Through movement, obstacle courses, basic skills, games, specialized equipment, and soft play items these young children will build skills for lifelong success.

Pea and the Pod (Ages 1 - 3.5 yrs, 45 min)

This class requires parent participation. This is a terrific way to bond and introduce your child to physical movement and development. It is a fun way to be active with your little one. Parent participation is required in the gym.

Tumbleweeds (Ages 3.5 - 6 yrs, 50 min)

I love my independence! This will be fun and motivating for children without mom or dad and just being with peers. Children in this class will continue to develop working independently while learning basic gymnastics skills. It’s a great way to improve listening skills in order to help prepare for kindergarden.

Just For Boys (Ages 4.5 - 7 yrs, 55 min)

Come build your strength and flexibility. Boys are welcome to test their skills and develop techniques that will help them build their strength and agility for future sports not limited to gymnastics! This class is 50 minutes long and promises lots of energy and fun.

Combo Dance/Gym (Ages 3.5 - 7 yrs, 50 min)

Try two great activities in one class! Your child will have an introduction to both ballet and tumbling. The first ½ hour will be spent at All Stars dance studio doing barre and floor work, while the second ½ hour will be spent in the gym discovering new ways to build strength and flexibility.


Flipping Fishes (Ages 18 mon - 4 yrs, 90 min)

This class introduces your child to the best of both worlds with gymnastics and swimming. Participants split their time each class between Roots Gymnastics and Aquatics Centers. Depending on age group, parent participation may be required in gym and pool.


NOTE: the schedule and pricing listed below is subject to change. Please visit our ONLINE REGISTRATION PORTAL for the most current class offerings. 

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Our creative, enthusiastic, and energetic instructors will entertain your birthday child & guests with one hour of activity in the gym and one hour of celebration time in the party room!
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