Martial Arts Program

Our Martial Arts Program here at Roots Gymnastics is run by Tigon Martial Arts, whose headquarters school is in Belchertown, MA. Tigon takes a multi-disciplined approach to the martial arts to the martial arts, teaching a certified hybrid martial arts system which incorporates many of the more modern techniques of Kempo Karate with the traditional methods of Shaolin White Crane Kung-Fu. This is done in a way that makes for a well balanced approach to self defense, but the true and lasting values of the martial arts go far beyond just learning how to defend yourself. Students can also expect to develop not just greater strength, flexibility, and endurance, but increased confidence, discipline and self-control as well.

Tigon's owner and our program director is Thomas Brown. Tom has been a student of the martial arts for 21 years and has been teaching for 19 of those years. He holds a 6th degree black belt in Kempo Karate and has extensive knowledge in Shaolin White Crane Kung-Fu, which has no ranking structure. Tom is also a member of the American Martial Arts Association as well as the USA Martial Arts alliance. He continues to train with many of his instructors on a regular basis and is excited about being able to share the great values of the martial arts with the members of our Roots community.

Contact us today to schedule a Free Introductory Lesson! (first time students only). Or, use the link HERE if you are ready to sign up.


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