Recreational Gymnastics (ages 6-18)

Introductory Gymnastics (55 min) 

Have you always wanted to try gymnastics? Introductory classes are for beginning gymnasts and does not require any previous experience to join. Participants will use all gymnastics equipment and trampolines while developing balance, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Classes are arranged by age with offerings for kids age 6-8, 9-11 and 12+ years.

Girls Gymnastics Level 1 (55 min)

Level 1 is for beginners to intermediate recreational students with some gymnastics experience who are proficient with an introductory skill set. This class continues to build on those skills with progressive training modules and emphasis is placed on improving flexibility, strength and form while developing new skills. It is recommended that students attend a minimum of three terms of introductory gymnastics training before enrolling in a Level 1 class. Classes are arranged by age with offerings for kids age 6-8, 9-11 and 12+ years.


Girls Gymnastics Level 2 (80 min)

Level 2 classes are 1 hr 20 min and focus on increasingly difficult gymnastics skills while continuing to develop strength, flexibility, and mastery of fundamental building blocks. Students will learn in a progressive and challenging way using all Olympic apparatus as well as trampolines and other training tools. This class is by invitation only and requires an instructor recommendation and/or physical abilities evaluation.  Classes offered for ages 6-8 and 9-11 years.


Girls High School (Age 12+, 55 min)

This class provides students the opportunity to utilize all gymnastics apparatus and trampolines. Gymnasts can expect to learn new skills and improve on the ones already acquired. Most participants have some gymnastics experience already, but beginners are welcome to joint too. This is a great way to stay in shape for your High School gymnastics season while making new friends.


Just For Boys (Ages 7-12 yrs, 55 min)

Boys in this class will test their skills and develop techniques that will teach them the fundamentals of gymnastics in a progressive and challenging way. Participants will spend time on all 6 Olympic events as well as utilizing our in-ground trampolines and foam pits for improved air awareness and body control. Learn new gymnastics skills and improve strength, coordination and agility for other sports as well. 

Combo Dance Gym (50 min, ages 4-7 yrs)

A truly jammin' funky time will be had by all in this class where we will focus on the newest hip hop/ballet/jazz styles to the latest and greatest age appropriate music & time in the gym enhancing flexibility, strength and coordination.  The class will spend the first ½ of the time in the gym working at least two events and will follow that with the rest of the time in a jam session at All Stars dance studio.

NOTE: the schedule and pricing listed below is subject to change. Please visit our ONLINE REGISTRATION PORTAL for the most current class offerings. 

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