2020-2021 Recreational Programs Schedule

At Roots Gymnastics, we offer classes for children of all ages - if they can walk, they can take classes at Roots! Actually, we now offer classes for kids as young as 6 months old as part of our Sweet Peas program. Other classes include parent and me classes from 12 months until 3 years old, preschool classes for children from 3-6 years, as well as school-age gymnastics classes for children in Kindergarten and above. Most classes are taught in a co-educational environment with a focus on fine and gross motor skills development as well as basic gymnastics skills such as forward rolls through advanced tumbling and competitive gymnastics. We also offer a range of specialty classes where kids can continue to learn in a co-ed environment.  


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Our creative, enthusiastic, and energetic instructors will entertain your birthday child & guests with one hour of activity in the gym and one hour of celebration time in the party room!
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