Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age can children start gymnastics?
A: Roots Gymnastics offers classes starting at age 6 months old!

Q: Does Roots Gymnastics have a competitive team?
A:  Yes. The majority of our competitive team practices out of our flagship program in Westfield. However, we do offer introductory level competitive options at our East Longmeadow location as well.

Q: Does Roots offer classes for girls and boys?
A: Yes. All recreational classes co-ed.

Q: When can I register for classes?
A: You can start registering children today! All programs offer open enrollment and you may join at any time. Class rates are prorated, so you only pay for the classes that you sign up for. See "Registration Now" links at the bottom of this page to get started in your desired location.

Q: Does Roots Gymnastics offer birthday parties?
A: UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are currently NOT running birthday parties.

A: Yes. Our gymnastics paradise is a great place for birthday parties for all children. Parent participation is required for children 3 and under. Roots has several dedicated birthday party areas for cake and presents.

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Absolutely. We offer discounts for siblings as well as multiple class discounts.

Q: Are there any benefits of gymnastics classes for my child? Aside from learning skills?

A: Of course!! Some examples are:

- Physical health benefits such as building strong healthy bones and flexibility.

- Fostering a positive attitude about physical exercise. 

- Promoting balance, body awareness, and proprioception.

- Social interaction and sharing in a small group dynamic.

- Boosts self confidence!